Customer Testimonials

Our account rep provides us with outstanding customer service that is unparalleled to other companies. His character and standards show in the quality of service he provides.
—Cindy, Irving, Texas

Our rep takes excellent care of our company, and his level of service is why Directec is on my speed dial.
—Steve, Atlanta, GA

When everything else I tried met with an unmovable obstacle, my Directec rep came through for me! After one phone call, I was able to get the support I needed from Cisco and get our network back online. He is always very personable and receptive, even when we’re not “buying something.” Directec will always be on my list of vendors to do business with. Thank you very much!
—Jeff, Louisville, KY

My sales rep provides outstanding service and is one of the main reasons I deal exclusively with Directec.
—Bob, Wheeling, W. Va.

My account rep does a great job at not only his competitive quotes, but his fast response to many of my requests.
—Mimi, Wailuku, Hawaii

My rep is a delight to work with. He is always ready for anything that I throw at him with my IT needs and goes above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of with every transaction. He knows what I need all the time and his processing time is excellent.
—Michael, Norcross, Ga.